ChemiDoc XRS+

The ChemiDoc XRS+ System is based on CCD high-resolution, high-sensitivity detection technology and modular options to accommodate a wide range of samples and support multiple detection methods including fluorescence, colorimetry, densitometry, chemiluminescence, and chemifluorescence. The system is controlled by Image Lab software to optimize imager performance for fast, integrated, and automated image capture and analysis of various samples.

The system accommodates a wide array of samples, from large handcast polyacrylamide gels to small ReadyAgarose Gels and various blots. The system is an ideal accompaniment to PCR, purification, and electrophoresis systems, enabling image analysis and documentation of restriction digests, amplified nucleic acids, genetic fingerprinting, RFLPs, and protein purification and characterization.

Key benefits include:

Gel and blot imaging and analysis are quick and accurate
Automated, hands-off routines; no training is required
Save and recall all the steps in the workflow for repeatable and reproducible results
Optimize the system at setup for image data that is always accurate, reproducible, and free of imaging artifacts
Wide range of applications with special accessories to preserve sample integrity for downstream research while ensuring user safety
Comprehensive, automated quantitative analysis of protein and DNA samples in seconds
Customize and organize data in reports
Obtain publication-quality results quickly

Date of publication: Feb 25, 2021
Brand/Model: ChemiDoc XRS/Biorad
Year of acquisition: 2014
Status: As good as new
Weight in kg: 32
Package length (cm): 36.0
Package width (cm): 60.0
Package height (cm): 96.0