Information about Pulexlab


The marketplace for labs

Pulexlab was born from the idea of two entrepreneurs (Daniel Valtierra and Jose Agüera) with experience in research, digital business, marketing and sales.

Pulexlab’s vision is to democratise and make science more flexible by reducing the carbon footprint of the R&D sector.

Pulexlab’s mission is, on the one hand, to reduce costs associated with the purchase of laboratory equipment and materials. And, on the other hand, to provide a remunerative outlet for the stock of laboratories and companies. In this way, we want to reduce the ecological impact of the R&D sector, promoting the reuse of resources. 


In Pulexlab, we make it easy for you so that you only have to worry about what is important, your project. For this reason, we take care for everything once purchase/sale is completed:

  • Secure payment: our platform guarantees that the funds reach the end-user. Your transaction is always safe and secure.

  • Agile logistics: we manage the logistics from pick-up to delivery working with TNT(FeDex) shipping services. 

  • Protection: we guarantee your delivery thanks to Mapfre insurance services.


To learn more about the platform click here: “how it works”.