Automated Pipetting System

Precision™ Microplate Pipetting Systems accommodate a wide range of sample tubes, microplates, and reservoirs. Reagent additions, serial dilutions, sample transfers and plate replications are possible with Precision. BioTek’s proprietary pipette technology and unique tip sealing capability allow most standard tips to be
used. Precision’s user-configurable, multi-station decks allow for flexible experiment design; microplates, tips and other vessels can be placed for optimal efficiency.
• Replaces manual pipetting
• Single-, 8-, and 12-channel transfer tools available along with bulk reagent dispensers
• Compact footprint fits in standard size biological safety cabinets
• Accommodates a wide range of sample tubes along with both 96- and 384-well plates with no hardware change
• Proprietary tip picking technology
• Liquid level sensing
• Affordable alternative to high-end liquid handlers
• Easy set-up and programming with Precision Power™ PC Software

Date of publication: Mar 29, 2022
Brand/Model: Biotek/ 679PRC384 PRECISION
Year of acquisition: 2016
Food sector
Chemical industry
Status: Used
Weight in kg: 17,2
Package length (cm): 37.4
Package width (cm): 52.5
Package height (cm): 40.0